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Armed/Unarmed Guards and Drivers

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If you have any questions about security or any protection needs, contact us or 
(845) 430-7309 for information or for a complimentary evaluation. R.E.A.C.H. 29 is ready to assist at any time.  

Our portfolio of comprehensive offerings includes the services of both armed and unarmed security guards and drivers.  

Each condition and organization is different. We will assess your particular situation and recommend the level of service that is required whether it be for a private fundraising event, a political rally, an apartment building, a construction site, or driving services for high-profile individuals, we will work with your organization and your team to ensure that our level of protection provides you with the peace of mind you need.

Our armed security guards are licensed to carry and operate firearms. These professionals often have backgrounds in military and/or police operations and are well-versed in deescalating potentially violent confrontations.

Although our unarmed security guards and drivers are not authorized to carry firearms, they too are fully trained and will immediately report any incidents that occur under their watch to the proper authorities.