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If you have any questions about government contracts or any security needs, contact us or (845) 430-7309 for information or for a complimentary evaluation. R.E.A.C.H. 29 is ready to assist at any time. 

Government agencies are facing complex security challenges domestically and abroad. Threats from terrorists, natural disasters, and other unforeseen events require a solution that takes into account all possible scenarios and includes detailed steps to work in partnership with all stakeholders.    

The leadership and agents of REACH 29 have experience working in a variety of positions for a wide-array of government agencies such as the State Department, Department of Defense and the ARMY, as well as several law enforcement agencies.

Our expertise encompasses providing services related to perimeter protection, personal protection, armed and unarmed guard functions, and other security services on government-owned property. As such, many employees of REACH 29 are intimately familiar with the subtle nuances of working with several stakeholders in the same location that may have competing interests. Additionally, we are adept at serving as the liaison between US government agencies, foreign government entities, and private organizations.

The highly-skilled specialists at REACH 29 have experience working in various capacities for both federal and state entities domestically and abroad.

After a close examination of contract specifications, we will work in partnership with agency principles to design a security plan, which takes into account the needs of the agency and those of any other stakeholders. We will work with agency principles throughout the duration of our contract to ensure that our service is still highly aligned with the organization’s needs and make alterations when necessary.

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