Strategic Security Solutions

Threat and Vulnerability Assessments

Threat and Vulnerability Assessment services represent a critical component of any far-reaching security plan for both an individual and an organization  

Often when threats are identified prior to an act of violence taking place, the individual/s involved can be stopped. Our Threat and Vulnerability Assessment involves identifying those who are likely to commit an act of violence, determining the gravity of the threat, and developing a plan to protect the potential victims.

Organizations and individuals alike are increasingly being called upon to manage threats of violence in the workplace, schools, houses of worship, and other situations where violence is possible. Ensuring that your staff is fully aware of threats to the organization or individuals is the best form of deterrence.

In a world of 24-hour news cycles and the relative anonymity of social media, it is easier than ever for nefarious players to threaten the well-being of individuals and organizations. Our Threat and Vulnerability Assessment service will help your staff identify threats and assess the level of severity associated with each, including making recommendations for a course of action and involving the proper authorities.

Our Value

The key to a successful and effective security strategy is a custom threat assessment that specifically addresses your individual or corporate needs. We take pride in the quality of our service and the caliber of our talent, and it is imperative to us that the platform we offer fully meets the needs and expectations of our clients. It is also critical that we offer a sound and strategic proposal that fulfills the criteria of the vulnerability report. 

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If you have would like a threat and vulnerability assessment conducted for your corporate or individual needs, contact us reach29llc@gmail.com or (845) 430-7309 for information or for a complimentary evaluation. R.E.A.C.H. 29 is ready to assist at any time.